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What is Video Editing Software?

Video editing software enables you to use your computer to edit audio and video files using a modified or standard mouse and keyboard. This software can also be included in a turnkey video editing platform that utilizes a custom computer for editing. With this tool, you can easily make a copy of the edited work and make alterations to it separately from the original. Show morePlus, you can add special effects, create titles digitally, and do other enhancement tasks. Needless to say, the power and speed of your computer and the capacity of your hard drive have a big say on the quality of work you can achieve with video editing software. Start by checking our leader Final Cut Pro, and other recommended solutions in this category.Show less

How was this ranking made?

In order to develop this ranking of best Video Editing Software we have evaluated 300 popular solutions currently present on the market, comparing their features, ease-of-use, customer service, available integrations as well as mobile support using our exclusive SmartScoreTM rating system. This list has been created by Nestor Gilbert, our software authority responsible for the Video Editing Software category.

List of Top 12 Video Editing Software

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1. Final Cut Pro

Our score: 9.6 User satisfaction: 83%

Final Cut Pro is a professional video editing application for macOS users. It includes unique features like the Magnetic Timeline, which lets users to manipulate the clip without affecting the rest of the video. It's built using a powerful computing architecture that takes advantage of CPU and GPU power to deliver a smooth video editing experience.

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2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Our score: 9.5 User satisfaction: 97%

A desktop video editing application for professionals and enthusiasts. It uses multiple streams to allow you to edit multiple projects at once and uses Hollywood-grade video editing templates and graphics. It features integrated workflows, VR support, and responsive design.

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3. Filmora9

Our score: 9.4 User satisfaction: 96%

A software designed for all video content creators, whether a beginner, an amateur or a professional. Filmora9's robust layering feature allows you to add as many as 100 layers to your audio and video content. And it does all this with one of the fastest video rendering engines compared to its competitors.

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4. iMovie

Our score: 9.4 User satisfaction: 82%

iMovie is a built-in video editing software for Macs and iOS devices. It sports a sensible, neat interface with all the tools you need for a quick edit and a brush-up, such as filters, layers, and custom enhancements and elements.

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5. WeVideo

Our score: 9.3 User satisfaction: 100%

WeVideo is an easy-to-use, cloud-based video editing and sharing software for schools, business, and third-party media. Using JumpStart technology to transform video editing, it supports multiple formats, high resolutions, cloud storage, screencasting, music library, and a built-in file and media manager.

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6. Nero Standard 2018

Our score: 9.3 User satisfaction: 100%

Nero Standard 2018 is an intuitive, all-around multimedia suite for editing, converting, organizing, burning, and playing files to and from any media. It has several modules to guide you, such as the Nero QuickStart, Nero Launcher, and the Nero MediaHome.

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7. DaVinci Resolve 14

Our score: 9.2 User satisfaction: 100%

Davinci Resolve 14 is a full-fledged color grading program for film and video editing. The software incorporates tools for color correction, professional audio post-production, and video editing in a single application and supports all resolutions, from 4K to VHS quality video.

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8. VideoPad

Our score: 9.2 User satisfaction: 95%

Developed by NCH Software, VideoPad is a video editing tool that allows users to enhance their videos and share them directly on Facebook and YouTube. It has a straightforward interface that allows you to create professional-quality videos in minutes.

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9. HitFilm Express

Our score: 9.2 User satisfaction: 98%

HitFilm Express is a professional video editor and visual effects solution designed for indie filmmakers and YouTube video creators. Equipped with masking and layering tools, it has advanced tracking and screen simulation and Westworld-style "sky replacement" capability.

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10. WonderShare UniConverter

Our score: 8.8 User satisfaction: 97%

An all-in-one media converter that supports conversion of video and audio files to thousands of formats. It can burn to physical discs as well. One of its main draws is that it converts any kind of media 30 times faster than its contemporaries.

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11. TinyTake

Our score: 8.5 User satisfaction: 100%

A feature-rich, on-premises screen and video capture tool with support for long-term file storage on the cloud.

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12. ScreenFlow

Our score: 8.8 User satisfaction: 100%

ScreenFlow is a powerful and easy-to-use video editing and screencasting software for Mac.

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Video Editing Software Guide

Table of contents

Video editing tools can be used by amateurs and professionals alike to edit video files for fun or commercial purposes. There are numerous free and paid platforms in this category available in the market. Each offers its own set of features that can be easy or difficult to use depending on your level of expertise. So, how do you do knowledgeable comparisons to select the best video editing tools for your specific needs? We help you in this task by providing details on the standard features you can expect in this type of system and the other relevant factors you should consider while searching.

Get to know each product with free trial

Start your quest for the best video editing software by signing up for the free trial or demo offered by popular video editing software providers. This will enable you to test drive each application’s top features free of cost, do a general comparison, and gauge their suitability for your purposes. Start by visiting the websites of the following leading tools to check the possibility of availing a free trial: Adobe Premiere ProCyberLink PowerDirectorPinnacle Studio Ultimate, and Final Cut Pro. These programs have received high rankings in our video editing software reviews, so check them out. 

Targeted Businesses

  • At-home hobbyists and amateurs can utilize this software for fun purposes.
  • Full-time video editing professionals can invest in a system that offers advanced features to be able to produce superior quality work.

Examples of Video Editing Software

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro: You can make attractive videos anywhere with this top tool for professionals. Create quality productions for web, TV, and film. Key features are a neat interface, custom markers, and flexible trimming tools. This software operates smoothly with third-party solutions and other Adobe CS products.  
  2. CyberLink PowerDirector: A capable and fast video editing software application for Windows. This consumer-level platform supports 360-degree VR footage. Main features include multicam editing, look-up table support, color match, and express project templates. In short, video makers can easily utilize this tool to produce professional-quality videos.
  3. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate: Designed for professional-level users. Offers top rate editing tools and effects such as motion tracking, multicam editing, and stop-motion. The latest version stands out for its simple interface and tons of effects. Key features include direct online sharing, solid audio tools, 4K support, and good titling.
  4. Final Cut Pro: Offers speed and power for the new generation of video editors. The latest edition boasts a clean new look and a low-profile interface that increases workspace. An interesting feature is the improved Magnetic Timeline 2 feature that offers flexible layouts based on roles and automatic color coding. The latest release is ideal for the new MacBook Pro as it supports wide color workflows and the Touch Bar.

Types of Video Editing Software

There are 4 main types of video editing and depending on your needs you can select a suitable solution:

  1. Film splicing. Technically, this is film editing and not video editing. You can use a splicing machine to line up the film footage while cutting or splicing it.
  2. Tape to tape (linear). This is an outdated method that is still utilized in some situations. It involves copying video from one tape to another.
  3. Digital/computer (non-linear). Video editors use specialized software to edit video footage on a computer and then record the finished product on an optical disk or tape.
  4. Live editing. A good example is live television coverage where multiple cameras are routed through a central console for mixing and editing in real time.

Key Features of Video Editing Software

  1. Automate titles to sequence. If you need to lay down a number of titles in a sequence, you can create a series of markers on the timeline on which the titles should land.
  2. Import clips. Use the standard media browser tool to import clips and navigate your operating system to find files.
  3. Move-insert edit. Allows you to move a clip in a sequence without producing any gaps.
  4. Conform audio levels. Enables you to select multiple audio clips with different sound levels and conform the audio levels.
  5. Top and tail editing. Allows you to cut the in or out point of a clip and ripples all adjacent clips in the timeline after the edit is done.

Benefits of Video Editing Software

  1. No need for plug-ins. You don’t need to install any plug-ins. Simply record the video on your smartphone or small camera and edit the footage on your computer.
  2. Saves money. You don’t have to pay for the services of a video editing professional as the software enables even novices and amateurs to edit videos easily on their computer.
  3. Enhances video quality. The software enables you to convert poor quality footage into high definition, high-resolution videos.
  4. Create videos at home. Even amateurs can use basic video editing software solutions to create and edit videos at home. You can also easily customize the videos according to your needs and taste.
  5. Add music. Add a thrilling background score to make your videos more compelling.
  6. Add effects. Make your videos more interesting by adding narration, callouts, changing the order of clips, and editing out the bad stuff.

Mobile video editing software. Professional video editing software tools can be expected to go mobile following the trend set by top-quality photo editing systems such as Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop that launched their smartphone editions a couple of years ago. Now, we can expect vendors of video editing software platforms to launch mobile apps to provide seamless mobility and ease of use.

Live video editing is becoming popular.

Live videos are a happening trend on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. As a result, live video editing is becoming common on these platforms. It involves more than applying just emoji and filters. There is a boom in live video transitions and editors are applying overlays, titles, end credits etc. to enhance the video effect.

Potential Issues

Computer crash. This can easily happen especially if your computer is not cut out for the demanding task of video editing. The solution is to save often and after each group of edits and moves you make. This ensures you are covered even if your computer freezes.

Mismatched sound levels. When you shoot different clips in different locations, there is bound to be a mismatch in the audio levels. Video editing software helps you to resolve this issue as you can adjust the sound levels of entire clips or segments within them. You can even add effects and EQ (equalization) to your audio tracks.

Useful Statistics

Video remains one of the most effective ways when sending a message, especially for digital marketing and content creators. Here are some useful stats as to what’s in store for the industry:

Video Editing Software Deployment

There are two kinds of software deployment for video editing: on-premise and cloud-based. Their capabilities and targeted businesses vary by deployment, as explained below.


This is software installed locally, either on a single local machine or on your company’s servers. All data is stored locally as well, unless your company has invested in a network architecture that allows you to access your files via a remote device, like your home desktop or a smartphone.

An on-premise software is great if you need speed and your company has developed proprietary tools for video editing. This is mostly the case in bigger studios, like a special effects studio.

An advantage of an on-premise solution is that you typically pay only a one-time fee for it. Once you pay for it, you install it on your machine. Using the software for commercial purposes often involves license renewals, normally every year.

Cloud deployment

By far the easiest, as these are software stored in the cloud. This means you can access them (and usually your files) whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. These solutions are commercially available and are often used as a service, meaning you have to pay a monthly or annual recurring fee to keep using them.

Cloud software is great for many reasons, chief of which is flexibility. Because you don’t need a local machine specifically set up for video editing, you can use it on any device. This is especially useful in social media or content creation on the fly.

Another thing that sets cloud software apart is its potential for collaboration. When data can be shared with others through the cloud, it lets you “crowdsource” ideas and let other users collaborate on your video.

List of Video Editing Software Companies

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Video Editing Software

Things to consider when you invest in a SaaS

To select an apt SaaS provider you need to consider vital criteria such as privacy and security, support and service, and transparency.

Find out if the vendor can be trusted with data security and privacy. Do they have systems in place to protect your sensitive information and data? Find about the security processes they use. This is an important aspect of a SaaS system that cannot be over-emphasized.

It is essential that the vendor offers consistent support to resolve any problems quickly. Ask your potential providers the following questions: Do they offer consulting and training services to help your staff members to utilize the solution effectively? Do they have an online support center that has valuable articles and training materials? What channels of support do they offer? Do they monitor problems till they are resolved? Is customer satisfaction measured?

Does the SaaS vendor conduct their business in a transparent and open manner? You can find out by requesting them for references you can contact. Talk to existing users of the solution to find out about the quality of service provided. Does the provider make public the algorithms they employ in the program? Ask these queries to find a SaaS vendor whom you can trust with your sensitive customer and business data.

Frequently asked questions about Video Editing Software

What is the best video editing software?

The best video editing software is Final Cut Pro, a professional video editing suite for Macs. It offers powerful video editing tools to let you create stunning videos with unique effects. It includes filters, motion graphics, special effects, and much more.

The software supports new video technologies, such as VR and VR playback and 360-degree video.

In addition, Final Cut Pro uses a computing architecture that leverages the latest hardware, though it’s just as friendly on older Mac computers. As a result, the video editing experience is a fun and smooth ride from start to finish.

What are the benefits of video editing sofware?

Saves money

Traditional methods of video editing used to require expensive equipment. These days, video editing only needs commercially available software that optimizes all available CPU and GPU power to create results that are just as good, or even better than, videos made by more inaccessible tools.

Saves time

Special and/or visual effects need a lot more time when you do it on film. Digital video editing made by powerful software can do it in a fraction of the time—in a matter of seconds, even less.

Real-time changes

A big advantage of video editing software is that you can edit the video in real-time and see the changes as you make them. This is especially useful in post-processing.

What are the features of video editing software?

Trim, delete, and stitch. This allows the video editor to cut, paste, and remove portions of  a video, delete entire video clips, or join clips together.

Drag-and-drop functions. Enables the manipulation of the video by dragging your cursor and dropping it into a timeline or stream.

Special effects. The icing on top of video editing, which adds special filters, graphics, or other image processing tools.

Clip timelines. Lays out the video in a line, where you can add or snip frames at will.

Background control. Works for green screen removal or changing the background of the video while retaining the foreground static.

Titles. As simple as adding text, but can create title cards, credits, or other elements overlaid on top of the video frame.

Color grading. Tools to improve the presentation of color so that it’s universal and as accurate as possible on any device or to convey mood and lighting.

What is the easiest video editing software to use?

To qualify as an easy-to-use application, a program should have streamlined, uncluttered user interface, intuitive navigation, and an option to use a simple mode. For that reason, these three apps stand out:

Apple iMovie. A video editing tool that just works, it’s designed to be as simple as possible but packed with as much features as possible. iMovie works on all Macs and iOS devices, and offers green screen capabilities and Hollywood-level video editing functions.

Final Cut Pro. Another software for Macs, Final Cut Pro is easy to use that packs a lot of features in a lightweight package. It supports 4K, 360 video, and VR. It sports drag-and-drop functions and optimizes hardware usage for a smooth and seamless experience.

Filmora9. Filmora9 is an application for video editing that finds use whether you’re a beginner or a professional. It has a simple layout so you can find exactly what you need in as few clicks as possible. It also renders videos faster than many of its competitors.

What is a good free video editing software?

There are a lot of free video editing tools that offer great functionality, though somewhat limited. Here are three to get you started:

Blender. It’s a robust, open-source program that works on all three major operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux). In addition to its feature-rich video editing suite, it also supports comprehensive 3D animation toolsets.

Adobe Premiere Clip. A free component of Adobe Premiere Pro, its unique feature is its two video editing modes. Automatic can trim and add transitions automatically, while Freeform gives you more manual tools to add your own effects.

Avidemux. A free and lightweight video editing software that’s simple and easy to use. It streamlines the basic video editing process, but it also has more tools for more advanced users. Its clean UI allows you to create your videos effortlessly.

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